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Welcome to Wilton Martial Arts where we have been teaching the art of Tang Soo Do to the community since 2005. Prior to our Wilton location we had a great run in our neighboring town of New Canaan for 18 years. Wilton Martial Arts is a nationally certified martial arts center licensed by the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Association. In order to maintain our certification, we must adhere to the high standards of teaching required by Kwan Jhang Nim (Grandmaster) Charles Ferraro. All classes are taught by certified black belts and masters.
Our goal at Wilton Martial Arts is to allow our students to build healthier minds, bodies, and spirits all in a safe learning environment. When training in Tang Soo Do, we are not playing a "game" or contest. The practitioner instead will find themselves facing physical, mental, and spiritual interactions with their art. Whether we are met with an outside challenge or have to deal with one of our weaknesses, we forge our character on a strong sense of discipline, replacing the temporary condition of victory or defeat with the lasting benefits of greater self-esteem, improved personal health, and self-confidence.
Thank You for visiting our site, I hope you find everything you're looking for.

Dave Bankowski, Sa Bom (master instructor