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Self-Confidence: Children who train in martial arts build better self-confidence. This is achieved through positive encouragement from the instructor. Your child will learn that they can succeed at anything as long as they put the proper time and effort into what they are doing.

Children enrolled in martial arts learn to stay focused on what is being taught both inside and outside the studio.

With the building of self-confidence and concentration, your child will begin to see an improvement in his/her grades at school. Your child will now have the confidence to stand up and answer questions without feeling that somebody may ridicule them if they get the answer wrong. Concentration will also improve your child's grades at school because he/she will learn how to stay focused on the lesson at hand. By staying focused in the classroom, your child will learn the new material faster than those with a lack of concentration.

Healthy Kids
: In addition to giving your child a good work out, the martial arts are going to help them eat, sleep and breathe better. Your child will want to be in their best physical condition so that they can perform to their best ability. Building healthy children also means preventing students from falling victim to harmful peer pressures such as smoking or using drugs.

Building Positive Attitudes:
Children in martial arts programs will develop a positive and respectful attitude both inside and outside the studio. This is reflected in their relationships with their peers, their teachers, and with you, their parents. You will find that as a parent, you will not have to argue and repeat things over and over with your child.

Self Defense:
Martial arts training will teach your child highly effective self-defense techniques. In the world that we live in today, it is critically important that we teach our children how to protect themselves in challenging and difficult situations that may arise. Martial arts training provides the physical skills as well as the mental preparedness training which is needed in confrontational interactions with others.


When training in martial arts there are numerous health benefits you will gain.
You will reduce stress, build strength, increased endurance, improved flexibility, speed and balance. Also you will reduce your risk of obesity and heart disease through the energized workout Tang Soo Do will give you. There are infinite number of reasons how you will benefit from training at Wilton Martial Arts but probably the most important one is that it's fun!

Pre-beginner Tang Soo Do:
Three and four year olds.

Children's Tang Soo Do:
Five through eleven year olds.

Teen and Adult Tang Soo Do:
Twelve year olds and older.